Additional references upon request.

Karl-Heinz Ege
Investor, China

“Those who shun the truth and a strictly rational, sober analysis (and the appropriate steps resulting from it) certainly will not like Mr. Schweizer.

Other consultants can be bought, not so Mr. Schweizer!”

Alain Bauwens

Corporate Vice President Home Care International
Henkel Detergents

“If you think it is impossible, ask Daniel Schweizer.”

Dr. Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum

Chief Technology Officer
Henkel KGaA

“Daniel is a creative disrupter and an effective performer in one person. His strengths are his broad orientation and his ability to concentrate all his efforts on the needed solution.

He is a guarantee for fast changes in the direction of improvement.

Daniel impresses me and my team. He encourages everybody to go with high enthusiasm for the next level of excellence.”

Dr. Klaus Morwind

Chief Executive
Member of the board
Henkel Detergents

“Daniel C. Schweizer!

He was our Agent 007 in China.

Distinguishing mark: his black hat
Qualities: drive
His special license: revolutionary improvements
Result of his mission: success!”

Gregory Taucher

Managing Director
DDB Asia

“Daniel has a great instinct for being able to analyze a client’s business from all sides and recommend solutions which truly address their ‘problems’ and not the ‘symptoms’. He gets to the root of the business issue quickly. In China, Daniel provided a very good balance of solid strategic thinking and tactical initiatives which delivered excellent results in the marketplace. He is very disciplined in his approach.

A solid thinker and a good tactician …. very strong results-oriented skillsets for today’s business environment.”

Ira Bloom

Director China Link Consulting

“One of Daniel Schweizer’s many strengths is that he attacks problems in a task oriented fashion. It has been impressive to work together with him in a country like China, where so many things can be distractions or stumbling blocks; Schweizer pushes ahead vigorously and gets things done!”

Rob Muir

Manager of a German group, China

“thanks for the adrenalin”

Jörn Heidelmann


“Daniel C. Schweizer combines an enormous enthusiasm for business matters of all sorts with cool analytic competence”

Tom Peters, USA

“…do I think you are crazy?
No. I think if you have the willpower to persist, you have a good chance of winning!”

Mohan Murti

Director Confederation of Indian Industry

“Daniel Schweizer is a man who has the respect and admiration of all who know him – his colleagues, officials and businessmen in many countries and his own clients around the world.

His unique contribution to the growth and development of economic relations between Germany and India is widely recognised.

His modesty and softly-spoken manner complement a total commitment to ensure that the voice of India is heard in Germany.

Daniel Schweizer exemplifies hard work, diligence, professionalism and an open mind.

He is an outstanding individual who, at a very young age, has built an institution to a prominent position commanding international respect and acclaim.

Drs. Robert C. Ware

“Daniel C. Schweizer stands out because of his most unusual competency, his comprehensive knowledge, and a personal industriousness that goes beyond anything I have previously experienced.”

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