Asia Strategy since 94

China Bulls

In the late 80ies it seemed logic to me that China, the only continuous high culture, would not stay at the bottom of the world much longer. Reading Alvin Tofflers “Powershift” it seemed clear to me that the time had come writing my own strategy for China.

So I worked after school to make money to startup my Asia business and got a special permission to register it at age 16. I wanted to lose no time riding the dragon.

If you asked me about the biggest luck in life besides my daughter Sarah it was being there at the moment of China’s awakening, being a part of it in chemical plants, retailers, plastic factories, railway institutes, high-tech research companies and infrastructure service providers.

I went from building computers, programming, graphics design and development of networks to product management, rapid product development, production and marketing in companies I built and led.

After all those years it is clear to me that the next big trend shall be how to reduce the stress of rapid industrialization. Trends give birth to their anti-trends. Capital flows never move into one direction only. Anticipating future moves is what I love to try. And I hope to get better at it day by day.

Dont hesitate to contact me by phone +491781451875 or mail if you have a matter relating!

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