Public Relations

Globalisation made things easy:

Each booth at a China Fair was stormed. “Reliable”, “cheap”, “scaleable” and the deals where done. Western politicians boosted free trade as their overaged societies, indebted and getting ever more lazy, feasted on Chinas biggest export: deflation.


Things look a lot different. Lets forget the political games from the West for a moment under the famous observation of Max Frisch (“they can only love you as long as they can pity you”).

We have hostile frameworks for companies who dont really understand why they should change a running system.

First of all we must learn to talk to the PUBLIC again and establish our RELATIONS with it. The official side (media, politics) started to attack our old friendships and useful cooperations.

They wont change that narrative anytime soon. For more than one good reason but the best sure is: they make money with it.

Journalists write Anti-China books, most of Germanys print media are owned by American hedgefunds. So you have one choice if you want to sell:

Stand up to your old market love and reestablish your good relations.

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