Category: China

  • good for china?

    If it’s right for China – it’s right for you. 20 years ago I stood in an office on a saturday morning and registered my company. Not a letter box company. A real Ltd. with real capital. The Chinese official (who works on saturday) asked me to fill in a paper. Not long I had […]

  • They cheat!

    “But they always cheat!” All too common: someone looses some business, someone fails in competing with Chinese, will claim he got “cheated”. Now there are several things to understand: one is the different philosophical and ethical structure. Given. But then again I found them to be the same human beings with same hearts, tears, smiles […]

  • UP? Back!

    China’s “rise” is advertised everywhere. Sometimes in admiration, sometimes with fear and not too rarely with some envy. If you want to understand China, you must imagine their own understanding of “rising”: coming back to where they (feel, believe, absolutely) belong. They don’t feel they just made some miracle happen. To them, it’s pure historical […]

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