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China Bulls

output_xKwmiXWe wont tell you how to behave (aka inter-cultural training, often provided by people with what I call no idea about culture but tons of arrogance). We dont tell you hocuspocus. If you think you need soft skills on even softer bases, if you believe in ultra complicated ways to profit, there are tons of young sinologists, superacademics who can read the dust of meanings between nonexisting lines. I dont especially hire sinologist (I respect them for language knowhow, but never would prefer them over a street salesman for sales business), I hire Chinese, I hire artists, masters of their trade, streetfighters, brilliant experts and topnotch doers.

We move ahead because we love doing. We accept people are different. We box, we ride horses, we race cars and we make money. We are not interested in being politically correct, we stand straight and will never let a client down. Think of us as front line men who do what men have to do. Not because we have to. Because we are alive and want to feel like that. China Business is our life.

And alive we are!

In order to keep China a place worth living in, we engage ourselves in green technologies there: GREENCHINA Solutions

And in order to make accessible to all kids what my daughter had access to: Chinesisch Academy